The following points should be verified prior to installing and configuring the Drupal Extension


  • It is required to have an account ID and passphrase from bpost in order to make the extension connect to your webshop
  • The Shipping Manager application needs to be active when you login to with your regular bpost credentials

If one or more of the above points is not ok, please contact the bpost helpdesk at 02 201 11 11. 

Configuration of the bpost application

Before configuring the Drupal module, please be sure to modify the credentials within the bpost application:

Login to with your bpost credentials and open the Shipping Manager from the portal. Click on the Admin button to see the following screen: 

Click on General Settings. The following screen is shown: 

Be sure to modify the name of the webshop and change the default value of the passphrase.

If you require more information about this topic please contact us.