How do you add parcel lockers to your webshop as a delivery method?

    Find out how you can add parcel lockers to your Shipping Manager or other dispatching system in no time:

    Do you use Shipping Manager back-end to manage labels?

    1. After you’ve selected ‘New dispatch’ on the start page, click on ‘Parcel locker’.

    2. Specify the name, e-mail address and language of the recipient.

    3. Choose the parcel locker on the interactive map.

    Then print the label just as you do for other shipments.

    Do you use Shipping Manager front-end on your website?

    You can activate parcel locker as a delivery method via Shipping Manager’s Admin. Your customer enters their information on your site via the Shipping Manager front-end module. You only need to print the label.

    1 Click on Admin
    2 Click on Delivery settings
    3 Click on the pencil for Parcel locker

    4 Click on Visible in the visibility menu so that the parcel locker appears as a delivery method on your website
    5 Click on Save

    6 Click on Save configuration

    From now on, parcel locker will appear as a delivery method in your webshop.

    Do you use an e-commerce platform?

    Parcel locker is available in all our plug-ins.

    When you install a plug-in, activate parcel locker as delivery method in the plug-in’s configuration.

    Surf to to discover the advantages of the Shipping Manager plug-ins!

    Do you have another configuration?

    Contact us.