It is possible to send order lines linked to the order towards the bpost Shipping Manager. They are shown in the back office application. This allows users to manage the complete fulfilment of orders, including the picking & packing. 

The format of the orderLine parameter consists of the order line description and the number of items piped (|):




  • OrderLineDescription is a short description. This description could be used by the person picking the order, to identify the items. If available, add the item code in front of the description, to facilitate the order management.
  • NumberOfItems is an integer and represents the number of items.


Example: orderLine=08815-GSM-iPhone-3GS|2


The example means that the consumer ordered 2 iPhones of type 3GS, product category GSM, with item number 08815.

If an order contains several order lines, it is possible to send the orderLine parameter multiple times. Every variable will be listed as a new order line in the Shipping Manager Back End.