It is possible to modify the default options of the delivery methods and add options such as signature, second presentation and insurance. 

Click on the edit (pencil) button in front of the delivery method you wish to modify. 

The overlay that appears show the options that are available for the selected delivery method. Home or office is used as example below. Each of the options/services is explained.

Visibility (iFrame only)

This option will show/hide/disable the selected delivery method. If you are installing the iFrame, we recommend you to enable the following delivery methods: bpack@home, bpack@bpost, bpack 24/7 and bpack World. Bpack World Express should only be enabled if your logistic fulfilment is able to promise an express delivery. 

It is always possible to overwrite the visibility of the delivery method when the iFrame is opened. Read more


The dropdown values next to the services are by default set as "not visible, optionally". Depending on the chosen service, the following options can be selected: 

  • Visible: The end user can select the option if available. It is possible to add a price for the service. This will be charged to the end consumer 
  • Not visible, optionally: if this value is chosen, it is possible to select the service in the back office of the application
  • Not visible, selected by default: If this value is chosen, the service will automatically be selected in case the delivery method is used. This applies to order created via the iFrame and orders created via the webservices. 


The signature service requires the receiver to sign for the correct delivery of his parcel. If the receiver is not at home, he will receive a note explaining him that a parcel is waiting for him at the nearest post point. Signature cannot be selected together with "basic insurance" and "additional insurance".

Automatic second presentation

If the receiver is not at home during a first delivery attempt, a second delivery attempt will automatically be done the next (working) day. If the receiver is not at home the second day, the parcel will be available for pick-up at the nearest post point for 14 days. 

Additional insurance

An insurance linked to a range. The actual value of the goods are insured until the maximum of the selected range. Additional insurance includes the signature service and cannot be selected together with "Basic insurance" and "signature"

Info Reminder

An SMS or email can be sent to a configurable recipient. This SMS is sent if the parcel remains for a period of 7 days in the post point after a non successful delivery.

Info Next Day

An SMS or email can be sent to a configurable recipient. This SMS is sent the day before (if prior to 22h) or the day self (at 07h) if the parcel is scanned on our parcel sorting machine. The messages is typically sent to the receiver. 

Info distributed

An SMS or email can be sent to a configurable recipient. The SMS is sent at the moment the parcel receives the status "delivered" in our track & trace application. 

Basis insurance

A basic insurance is an insurance up to €500. It includes the signature service. Cannot be selected together with the "signature" and "additional insurance" service. 


bpost now offers the ability to deliver parcels to the receiver on a Saturday. More details can be found on this link