The available plugins, integrating the bpost Shipping Manager application into several popular e-commerce platforms, were created by companies other than bpost (3rd parties).

It may occur that these plugins contain bugs, are not compatible with other installed modules or may not reflect your specific demands.

In such case, bpost cannot be held liable for issues and/or costs relating to the usage of these modules. The plugins are only tools to make the integration easier. As explained in the license agreement signed by each customer, the responsibility of the integration lies with the webshop owner and its integrator. Using one of the plugins does not change this legal clause. 

We nevertheless strive to support our customers and partners integrating the plugins as much as possible and will do all we can to solve inconveniences. 

The following plugins have been created following the open source principle

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Shopify

It is allowed to make any modifications you find necessary. If you think they improve the module, you may inform us about adaptations that have been performed. This allows us to send the changes to the companies responsible for the maintenance.

An article, listing all modules officially supported by bpost can be found here.