In order to use the bpost Shipping Manager application and all of it's modules/plugins, you need to be a bpost customer. 

I want to become a customer

If you wish to start using bpost and our extended delivery methods for yourself or your customers, please enter your contact information in the following form:

Click here for NL

Click here for FR

One or our sales representatives will then contact you to make an appointment.

As a bpost customer you will then receive/need following coordinates in the course of your operation or integration:

From bpost:

  • An accountID (6 digit number);
  • A login and password for our bpost portal (e.g. Shipping Manager, e-tracker, etc.).
Via the Shipping Manger admin:
  • Ability to set your passphrase;
  • Possibility to create one or more additional Shipping Manager users.

I am a customer

If you already are a customer, login to the bpost portal via (using your Shipping Manager login and password). You will then see a link to the bpost Shipping Manager. 

  • In case you do not yet have access to the Shipping Manager (link is greyed out), please contact your account manager directly or call + 32 (0) 2/201.11.11.
  • In case you do have access to the Shipping Manager, please perform following steps to set your passphrase:
    • Click on the link "Shipping Manager";
    • Open the "Admin" tab;
    • - only in case you have multiple account IDs linked to this contract - Select the account ID for which you want to setup the configuration, by clicking on the pencil icon next to the matching account ID (6 digits);
    • Next,  select  "General Settings";
    • Here you can manage your passphrase. Attention, please note that your passphrase should not exceed 30 characters.