This page provides you with an overview of the status of orders, tracking parcels and latest bpost news.

Also the complete  status of shipments for the selected customer account and within the selected period is mentioned

  1. Orders: overview of the shipments of all related accounts; 
  2. Pick-up request: overview of pick-up requests and pick-up lists; 
  3. Admin: overview of the addresses of senders, receivers, pick-up addresses and settings for the integration of the Shipping Manager front-end in an online shop; 
  4. Icon: This icon enables the user to return to the bpost portal to view the whole range of available applications; 
  5. Welcome: view of the user account; 
  6. Sign off: enables the user to return to the bpost site and to disconnect the application; 
  7. Help: this link opens a new page with FAQs.
  8. Dashboard: Overview of OrderStatus and Status shipments
  9. New shipment: creation of a new shipment
  10. New Pick-up: pickup request
  11. Search: search a shipment
  12. An overview of various customer accounts is displayed to the right of the screen. When you click on the account  that interests you, you are automatically redirected to the account concerned. 
  13. News from bpost is published on a regular basis to keep you informed about the transport of national and  international parcels. 
  14. Our contact details are indicated in order to facilitate accessibility to our customer service department.