There are two types of status for shipments:

1. The first column indicates the status of parcels in preparation 

Pending: indicates if all the checks are satisfactory (e.g. payment);

Open: the shipment is ready and the label can be printed to be affixed to the parcel;

Printed: the label has been successfully generated. As soon as this status is reached, it is no longer possible to change  it manually. The status will be updated by the logistic flow status; 

On hold: if the label has not yet been generated, it is possible to put orders on hold (e.g. stock outages);

Cancelled: if the label has not yet been generated, the shipment is cancelled (e.g. failure to pay).

2. The second column indicates the status of parcels in logistic flow 

This is a summary of the tracking status in the e-Tracker, the online tool to track & trace bpost parcels  (

If you wish to have detailed information about a parcel, you can always click on the barcodes in the application itself in order to be redirected to the e-Tracker. 

Created: the label has been generated but not yet scanned in the bpost network;

In transit: the parcel is on the way for delivery;

Awaiting pickup by receiver: in the case of home delivery, if your customer was not at home at the time of delivery,  he/she has go to a pickup point to receive the parcel. 

The customer is informed by a note left in the letterbox indicating the place and opening hours of the pickup point and the final date when pickup is possible. 

In the case of a delivery to a pickup point (post office, postal point or automatic parcel distributor), the receiver  receives a message to inform him or her about the availability of the parcel (either by email or by SMS); 

Delivered: the parcel has been successfully delivered to the receiver; 

Back to sender: the parcel was not delivered to the receiver and has been returned to sender. 

Possible reasons: the  receiver has not collected the parcel from the pickup point, has refused the parcel or the address is unknown. 

The status of pickups indicates pickup requests and pickup lists for the reference period and account of the user  concerned. 

For parcels in preparation, the status is immediately updated. With regard to the status of parcels in the logistic flow, 

they are automatically updated overnight or can be updated on request on the request page.