bpost does not handle this feature from an operational point of view. This means that we do not contain the parcel in our sorting centers. Every parcel that is received, is distributed the following day. As such, it is your responsability as shop owner to hand over the products the day before the date the customer has indicated.

Choose delivery date

If enabled, your customers can choose their preferred delivery date when they select the delivery method "bpack@home". 

The number of days that are shown, depend on the value of the input field "Number of delivery dates shown"

Back-office notification

Within the SEOshop back-office, a notification is shown to identify the shipment date of the parcel. In the image below, a blue remark is shown in the Shipment details view. 

The shipment date is also displayed when printing out the picking list at the left as shown in the image hereunder.

Advanced settings

When the option "Choose delivery date" is activated, you are able to use the following two options in orde to handle the operational flow.

Next day delivery allowed until

This setting allows you to buffer the first day that is displayed. If your site offers "Order before 12h and your parcel is delivered the next day, the value of this field needs to be set to 12h.

Days between order and shipment

This setting allows you to buffer the first days that are displayed. If your picking process takes more than 1 day, you can modify the value of this field in order for your customers to choose the preferred delivery date.