Please follow the guideline hereunder when activating the deliveries towards other countries.

1. Enable countries in the bpost Shipping Manager

  1. Go to and login to the bpost portal
  2. Open the application Shipping Manager
  3. Click on the "Admin" button
  4. Select the account ID for which you are setting up the international delivery
  5. Open the tab "Delivery methods"
  6. Click on the €-sign next to the method "International home or office"
  7. Click on the button "Add price zone"
  8. Fill in 0,00 in all weight ranges (this is handled further on in this tutorial)
  9. Select all countries for which you will be using bpost as carier
  10. Click on "OK". A price zone is now displayed
  11. Click on "Close" 
  12. Click on "Save configuration"

2. Enable the delivery method "bpack World"

  1. Within SEOshop, click on Settings
  2. Open the settings for "bpost Shipping Manager"
  3. Ensure that the checkbox next to "bpack World" is selected

3. Create price zones and ranges for the countries

  1. Within SEOshop, click on settings
  2. Open the settings for "Carrier prices"
  3. Click on the "Add" button (plus) on the top of the screen
  4. Name the zone (eg neighbouring countries)
  5. Select the shipment method "bpack@World"
  6. Click on "Save"
  7. Click on "Activate"
  8. Select the tax quote
  9. Indicate an amount "For free above" if applicable
  10. Enter an applicable price matrix 
  11. Click on "Save" (!!)
  12. Click in the right above corner on "Countries"
  13. Select all countries that are located in the zone. 
  14. Click on "Save"
Repeat this step for every price zone.