In order to use the bpost Shipping Manager application and all of it's modules/plugins, you need to be a bpost customer.

I want to become a customer

If you wish to start using bpost and our extended delivery methods for yourself or your customers, please enter your contact information in the following form (click here for nl or click here for fr). One or our sales representatives will then contact you to make an appointment.

As a bpost customer you will then receive/need following coordinates in the course of your operation or integration:

From bpost:

  • An accountID (6 digit number);
  • A login and password for our bpost portal (e.g. Shipping Manager, e-tracker, etc.).

Via the Shipping Manger admin:

  • Ability to set your passphrase;
  • Possibility to create one or more additional Shipping Manager users.

I am a customer

If you already are a customer, login to the bpost portal via (using your Shipping Manager login and password). You will then see a link to the bpost Shipping Manager.

  • In case you do not yet have access to the Shipping Manager (link is greyed out), please contact your account manager directly or call + 32 (0) 2/201.11.11.
  • In case you do have access to the Shipping Manager, please perform following steps to set your passphrase:
    • Click on the link "Shipping Manager";
    • Open the "Admin" tab;
    • - only in case you have multiple account IDs linked to this contract - Select the account ID for which you want to setup the configuration, by clicking on the pencil icon next to the matching account ID (6 digits);
    • Next, select "General Settings";
    • Here you can manage your passphrase. Attention, please note that your passphrase should not exceed 30 characters.