This is due to a small programming/logic error in the main page.

Browsers don’t allow to call the parent frame (in this case the webshop)

I’ll try to explain it. I updated the client confirmation like below :

In Checkout Page:{

integrationType: 'INLINE',

inlineContainerId: 'shm-inline-container',

parameters: {

   accountId: 'XXXXXX',

   extraSecure: '',


   confirmUrl: 'http://something/confirm.html',

   cancelUrl: 'http://something/cancel.html',

   errorUrl: 'http://something/error.php',

   checksum: '…'


closeCallback: function(data) {

   if(data === 'confirm') {

        // do something after client has clicked confirm in shippingmanager

       window.location.href = "http://www.Shop.test/checkout.php";

} else {"http://www.Shop.test/checkout/producten.php"; 




In the confirm cancel and error .html, add this function: 



       <script src=""></script> <script> SHM.close("confirm"); </script>



        confirm page  



The most important thing is :

• Call SHM.close(“confirm”); on the page that is defined in the confirmUrl
• Call SHM.close(“cancel”); on the page that is defined in the cancelUrl

For more info, you can also read this article which contains a lot of pointers on how to fix this: