The bpost Magento extension has been developed by respecting the Magento best practices (in collaboration with certified Magento developers). The bpost extension uses news techniques which limit possible conflicts with other extensions !

Despite this precaution, it's technically almost impossible to insure compatibility with most of the OneStepCheckout extensions. Therefore, bpost took the decision to insure the compatibility with the most used ones :

idev_OneStepCheckout ( until version 4.5.5

Consequently, you will find below a list of extensions where compatibility with the bpost extension hasn't been certified, meaning that it might impact and make conflict with the bpost extension.


  • GoMage_OneStepCheckout
  • IWD_OneStepCheckout
  • Magestore_OneStepCheckout
  • Amasty_OneStepCheckout
  • Lotusbreath_OneStepCheckout
  • Fire_OneStepCheckout
  • AheadWorks_OneStepCheckout

  • Store pickup
  • DPD (see this specific article)
  • PayPal & PayPal Express


The PayPal and PayPal Express extension both have their own checkout flow. This flow does not trigger the events needed to save the bpost shipping points. Instead, it redirects on the payment step and the current session data is lost.
As PayPal modifies the standard Magento checkout, the compatibility between bpost and PayPal plugin is not insured, see support agreement

You're interested by the development of a compatibility with another plugin OR
You would like to see new features/functionnalities within the bpost Magento plugin ?

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