Error message :

Fout bij aanmaken bpost order voor Magento order #100001576. Gelieve de API log na te kijken.
An error occured for Magento bpost order #100001576. Please check the logs.

Which level logs should I use ?

The module comes with three log levels:

  • Debug
  • Info
  • Error

The module uses the Magento log level “debug” by default. It is advised, certainly on production environments to set this level to “error”.

However, in case of issue, it's advised to :

  • set log level to "DEBUG"
  • reproduce the actions causing the issue
  • get the log (it will contain all info you will need in order to deepen the issue)

How can I change the level logs ? 

To change the bpost Shipping Manager log level, change the following file:

· app/code/community/Bpost/ShM/etc/config.xml


The default is 7 (debug), this is an overview of all available values:

  • 3=Error
  •  6 = Info
  •  7 = Debug
  • 0 = No logging

Where can I find the bpost logs ?

All log entries can be found in the file bpost.log and bpost-api.log in the default Magento log folder.
Most of the times, you can find them in /var/log within your root Magento installation

Note: if logging is disabled in Magento backend in the Log Settings by default, nothing will be logged.

 If the directories or files don't exist, create them and give them the correct permissions, then enable logging within Magento by going to :

System >> Configuration >> Developer >> Log Settings >> Enabled = Yes