Since end July 2018, Google has decided to change their policy for the Google API key. After a cap of $300 offered by Google, they keys will be billable to be used.

As a result, it is possible that the existing key that is present by default in the bpost plugin no longer works because the usage limit has been exceeded.

How to fix it ?

To solve this problem, and especially for security reasons, we ask our customers to enter their own Google API keys.

Google offers a wizard to setup to API key.

Please note that for bpost plug-ins, you will have to activate the "maps" and "places" services of Google API key.

How much does it cost ?

The Google key is no longer free, but almost...

Indeed, Google offers for free a budget of 300$ on a monthly based , which can represent for example 28500 dynamic map loads, which will definitely match your needs.

Check out all pricing details here:

Is it secured ?

In addition, reinforce your website security by restricting the domain(s) (when requesting the key) on which the key will be used. There is therefore no risk of key theft.

Where should I specify the key in the bpost plug-in ?

The keys have to be entered in the configuration of the plugin located under System>> Configuration >> Shipping Settings :

Magento plugins:

Prestashop plugin:

Make also sure that the API services are well activated: