How can I configure my Shipping Manager to allow Saturday delivery?

The following configuration can be found in your Shipping Manager under the admin section.

-1- "Saturday":For each national delivery method, Saturday-delivery can be configured as any other option (e.g. signature, insurance).

The option will only be invoiced if the parcel is offered to the receiver on a Saturday.

-2- "Display the delivery date": By checking this option, a date picker will be shown in the front-end iframe
-3- "Number of visible days": The number of possible delivery days shown to the customer by the date picker the front-end iframe. 
This number ranges from 2 to 7 days. "Do not specify" deactivates this option.
-4- "Days before delivery + one day": The number of days you as shop-owner need to prepare a shipment + one day for bpost to make the delivery. The resulting number will be used to calculate the estimated date of delivery.
This number ranges from 1 to 9 days
-5- "Last possible order on your webshop": Your cut-off time for orders on your webshop for a given day. All orders after this time are assumed to be be treated the next day.

When do I need which settings?

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How do I manually create a Saturday delivery parcel?

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