The error 2000 issues is mostly due to one of the following issues: 

  1. Wrong usage of account ID and or passphrase. Be sure that you are using the information that has been set up within the admin page of the Shipping manager application. You can find the setting in Admin > Edit > General settings.

  2. The default passphrase for new Shipping Manager users is the same as in the screen above. for security reasons, it should be modified to an own chosen passp. Please note that the chosen passphrase should not exceed 30 characters and other restrictions are the same as for any other password.

  3. The checksum has not been correctly set up. Make sure that you are following the guidelines that are explained in this topic

  4. You do not have access to the application. Please contact the helpdesk and provide them with the following information: Your account ID and the URL of your webshop